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comprehensive solutions for complex and large scale energy projects

About Us

Omni Energy is a leading provider of Engineering and Value Added Oilfield Support Services in the Oil and Gas industry. We offer integrated environmental services, including the Distribution of Oilfield Products, Drilling Chemical Solutions, Oil Spill Response Services, and Waste Management Services

Our Products & Services

We specialize in the following range of services and products:
    Offshore Container Carrying Units
    Drilling Chemicals
    Drilling Management Services
    Drilling Waste Management Services
    Filtration Systems
    Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs)
    Slings and Lifting Accessories
    Thread Protectors
    Thermal Desorption Units

Our Mission

Our Mission is to deliver comprehensive solutions for complex and large scale energy projects tailored to the needs of our clients, using the very best in technical support services towards the supply, transmission and distribution of Energy and the provision of integrated environmental services in the Oil & Gas industry.

Our Vision

Our Values

We conduct our business with Honesty and Integrity, to ensure Fairness and Accountability for our clients and partners.

Our Health & Safety Policy

Our chief priority is to ensure the safety and well-being of every employee and contractor who works for us. We maintain an over-arching framework to ensure the health and safety of all workers at all of our locations. Compliance is required of all personnel.

All of Omni Energy’s leaders are required:

    to create an environment where we never, under any circumstances, compromise on health and safety
    to visibly promote Omni Energy’s values, leadership practices and health and safety policies and principles
    to set a culture of transparency, honestly monitoring and reporting health and safety performance
    to recognise and reward exceptional behaviour with respect to health and safety.

Our corporate Health and Safety team is charged with the following:

    Setting performance expectations, developing over-arching policy, minimum standards, and annual plans for continuous improvement
    Providing guidance and assurance of site-level execution of health and safety management practices
    Monitoring and regularly communicating health and safety performance, trends and best practices.
All workers, whether Omni Energy or contract employees, are required to support the Health and Safety Programme by actively participating in all training, reporting all unsafe conditions and ensuring they and their co-workers follow all protective measures and safe work methods.


Mr. Michael Zormelo

Michael Zormelo is the Managing Director of The Mustek Group of Companies, comprising:

    1. Omni Energy, a leading provider of engineering and value-added oilfield support services, including the provision of drilling chemical solutions and waste management services
    2. Mustek Engineering, an indigenous heavy construction and telecommunications service provider
    3. Mustek Bitumen, a service provider to the highways and airfields sectors.

Michael has a BSc in Petrol Engineering and Marketing, from Marietta College, Ohio, USA, and his work as Managing Director of the Mustek Group of Companies began in February 2000. He therefore has a firm grasp over the Oil and Gas Industry across Africa, and in particular, in Ghana, Algeria, Dubai, Cameroon, Congo, Ivory Coast, South Africa, and Tanzania, where Omni Energy has its offices.

He has also supported other organisations, as:

    • Member of the Court of Governors, Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence
    • ICT Advisor to Telecom-Liberia
    • IT Advisor to the Inspector General of Police

As a consultant, Michael participated in the Strategy and Policy Formulation for pre-paid metre installation for the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG). He also designed management information ;reports for pre-paid metres for ECG; he designed a pre-paid international billing platform for Ghana Telecom (now Vodafone), and he prepared the source and application of funds for pre-paid metres for ECG.

Michael’s vision is to lead and direct the operations of the Mustek Group of Companies, in achieving targets through the implementation of sound management practices and values which ultimately promote the development and wellbeing of the workforce; promote good environmental practices and sustain the development of communities.

GROUP COO, Operations and Finance

Mrs. Pamela Zormelo

Pamela Zormelo has a BA Hons in Economics and Psychology, from the University of Ghana. She also has a Diploma in Management from Henley Management College in the UK.

She initially worked as a resource person for Swedish Telecom (TELIA), where she designed a mode of assessing the effectiveness of a training programme organised for managers. In June 1995 she began working with Anglogold Ashanti as a Back Office Administrator. In April 1996, she single-handedly set up an Offshore Treasury office on the Isle of Man, UK, for Anglogold Ashanti. She managed the Isle of Man office with regards to protocol, personnel issues and all other activities that arose, to ensure the smooth running of the office. She also ensured compliance with Isle of Man employment requirements; carried out budgeting; monitoring of cash books, bank accounts and settlement of all local purchases; filing of VAT claims; and staff welfare issues.

As Treasury Manager for Ashanti Treasury Services, Pamela’s role included the management of the group’s gold hedging by trading within the framework of the Risk Management Committee’s approved hedging policy, and in line with hedging agreements. She also managed the hedged positions so as to optimise corporate cash profits as per the Company’s projected cashflow, and in addition, she ensured the efficient placement of gold hedges, and confirmed the accuracy of transactions done. Pamela also managed the hedge portfolio database on server, and assisted in implementing Integra T to provide an in-house valuation of the Company’s portfolio.

Pamela relocated to Ghana in 2008, setting up Babylove Sanitary Products and Packaging Ltd. of which she is the CEO. The company was set up to package and distribute good quality disposable sanitary products for mass market consumption, which it undertakes via an extensive network of wholesalers and retailers. In 2009, Pamela joined the Mustek Group of Companies, as the Group COO, Operations and Finance. In this capacity, she has helped to spearhead significant growth and development within the Mustek Group. Pamela has undergone training in ‘Understanding Corporate Treasury’, and ‘Understanding the Money Market’.

Human Resources and Administration Manager

Mrs. Doreen Ankumah

Doreen Ankumah has a combined total of over 22 years of rich work experience in Human Resources and Administrative Management. She has rich work experience from organisations such as Women’s World Banking, Federation of Association of Ghanaian Exporters, and Global Trade & Technology Network / International Executive Services Corps. In addition to her in-depth knowledge of the Human Resources function, Doreen has strong interpersonal relationship skills, with the ability to motivate, counsel and deliver excellent Human Resource and Administrative services, in line with organisational objectives.

Client Relationship Officer

Ms. Mawutor Afua Kpipkitse

Ms. Mawutor Kpipkitse holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities. She has three years of experience in the Hospitality Sector. She joined OMNI Energy in April 2015 as a Client responsible for building and maintaining business relationships with clients.

We are leading provider of Engineering and Value Added
Oilfield Support Services in the Oil and Gas industry

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